As winter passes and the permafrost leaves us, the ground below begins to
soften. Leaves and flowers bloom in the heat of the new sun, spring comes fourth, and the Eagle begins to spread its wings.
The Eagle-Maker symbolizes this shift as we glide from the stagnant chill of
the winter, and soar towards the sun. Spring is a time of growth, movement, and liveliness amongst all creation. As the eagle soars in its great rebirth from the winter, so do we, becoming faster, lighter, and more agile for the hunt to come.
This program is built upon principles of seasonal shifting. All of the seasons
offer their gifts, and their challenges. However Spring has the most to gain, and
offers us a true initiation period for the coming year. It is all about coming back 
to movement, lightness, and sowing your seeds in a solid foundation for the year to come.
Black Washed Wall


This is a 4 week repeatable program meant to carry you into Summer. There is a very aesthetic, mobile, simple and light feel to The Eagle-Maker that gives it the ability to be for anyone, from the beginner searching for purpose, to the advanced hero looking for a new adventure to embark upon.