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Act or React

As is human nature, we are emotional creatures. We tend to base most of what we do on how we currently feel and not what would be the most successful action.

Most people do not start to pay attention to how they eat until diabetes sets in. Or physical exercise until after the major heart attack. These are examples of the consequences kickstarting the change to a better life.

I know if you were to ask anyone who has gone this route “if you could go back…” well, we know the answer.

Let's begin to preemptively act. Take control of our lives, physically and mentally. We cannot continue to allow the consequences of our laziness dictate our emotional response.

We must act. We must take control of ourselves and mitigate the negative aspects that come from these negative habits.

Negativity leads to negativity. Positivity leads to more positivity.

When we react to a situation we are not taking the most logical path. We tend to do what we feel will most quickly change our outcome, no matter the cost.

Crash diets, unreasonable workout routines, we try to go too far too fast. Completely skipping the process.

The process is what makes us successful. It builds habits. It teaches us to plan ahead for the life we want. It teaches us to plan and act on life, on our terms as much as possible.

Troubling times aren't overcome by emotional reactions. They're taken head on by someone who has continuously prepared and built habit upon habit.

We want everyone reading this to really start to pay attention to how you meet these obstacles. Do you adjust the plan accordingly? Or do you crumble and react based on current emotions?

No matter your goals, plans, ambitions, or path in life you WILL be confronted with unforeseen obstacles. It is our goal to begin to help change the mindset in the way you approach every day.

To give you the tools to successfully build habit upon habit. To be able to adjust the plan logically.

Goals must be seen without bias. Emotion cannot play a role in deciding the most successful course of action.

Act, don’t react.

As always, stay Relentless in your Pursuit.

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