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Motivation is useful, but only as a starter. A spark that ignites the fire to chase down dreams. But discipline is the wood and the fan that keeps the fire burning long into the night.

The fire inside you, pushing you towards your goals that require discipline to be successful. Because every day wont be great and there will be days that will beat you down.

No matter your goal, fitness, endurance, weight loss, education, they all will require a lot of time. A lot of hardship along the pursuit towards your end goal.

We must understand that motivation, like time, is fleeting. It comes and goes. It’s nice when it's there but if we use that as our primary driver behind our actions then they will inevitably fail when the motivation dissipates.

You see this all the time. The new guy to the gym who bought all the special clothes and equipment, talking about it all the time simply to fade away within a couple months. The person who started a new career with high hopes of making 6 figures a year only to lose the drive when they finally understand that starting out takes a ton of effort and time.

Regardless of our own personal mission, we will face these demoralizing situations. With discipline they will be seen as nothing more than temporary obstacles to be overcome.

Discipline trumps motivation every single time.

Many great ideas never made it past the dream stage. They were sidelined by hardship because people rely on motivation to drive them towards greatness. It's easy to see, there's probably a million fitness motivation videos on youtube. Countless instagram posts that are aimed to motivate you to start something.

There’s even “motivational speakers” that people pay to hopefully light a fire under their ass.

But seeking out this constant stimulus to allow you to continue your pursuit will leave you disappointed because you will fail.

We must learn to have an internal drive. We need to understand that there are steps and requirements to reaching our goals and we cannot rely on external motivation.

You have to get it done. Even on days where it's the last thing you want to do. Remember the goal. Your ideal. Understand that the heartaches along the way will make the victory even sweeter.

The road you travel is just as important as the destination.

Don't let your fire burn out quickly. Get that spark then fan the fire with sheer dedication and will.

The path to your dream isn't always a fun one, but I promise, it's worth it. Stay relentless in your pursuit.

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