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Embrace the Struggle

The most valuable and precious things in life always seem to be created through pressure. For instance, diamonds. These precious stones are made from the same raw materials as everything else on earth, but through immense pressure they become one of the most sought after stones on the planet.

Much like lifting weights or any other kind of fitness, when the body is not subjected to a stimulus that it has not previously experienced, no change occurs. No progress. Pressure is required for greatness.

Pressure, struggle, pain, suffering and adversity. These are what turns average into extraordinary. It is what separates memorable from forgotten, and valuable from useless.

It seems as though human nature is to avoid conflict, pressure, suffering and struggle. We must learn to embrace these things, for they are what will make us great. Not only embrace, but also seek them out when life does not forcibly put them in our path. Because if we wish to be great, sought after and valuable, we must welcome struggle with open arms.

Usually when people are faced with adversity, they look for the easy out. The simplest way to avoid any and all suffering. An excuse as to why they shouldn't deal with it. The issue with this mentality is that it leads to no new growth. No room for improvement. No possibility of greatness.

When we approach struggle with an overcoming mindset, we begin to see all difficult situations with the eyes of an achiever. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. If your path is leading you towards success then you are more likely to continue to succeed.

You have to be willing to cast yourself into your own fire in order to come out the other side something greater than what went in. You must willingly embrace the struggle in front of you at all times. Adversity is a blessing, not a curse.

If we look throughout history the most memorable characters that come to mind almost certainly faced a lot of adversity, suffering and struggle. History does not tend to remember those who lead an easy and dull life. But we always remember the martyrs. Those who were willing to suffer and bleed for what they believed in. Fight for they stood for and were not afraid of struggle.

From now on we want you to view these challenging times in life as an opportunity for growth, not look upon them with despair. Struggle will find you anyway, so it is best to approach it in a way that will benefit you and everyone around you. Begin to embrace this pressure life puts on you. Even seek it out when it's not readily available. Change occurs when we are forced to adapt to something new and difficult.

Embrace the struggle and strive for greatness.

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