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The Wrong Way

For decades, we have been conditioned to always do things the “right” way. Follow the rules, do this or that, get an education, choose a career that is considered smart and safe, get married and so on.

While guidelines aren’t necessarily always a negative thing, they are just that, guidelines. The majority of us are not meant to follow the same lines. Those who do usually do so in spite of their own ambitions and dreams. Chad's dad is probably more excited about his job at the big finance firm on Wall Street than he is. See where I am going with this?

Pursue passion.

When I was in High School people would ask, where are you going to college? What career did you decide on? To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what the hell I said to them because I sure as shit did not know. Back then, my path looked a lot different than it does now and I am completely happy with that.

I have almost always done the exact opposite of what I was told to. It is my nature. Being told what to do and how to do things is not something I could ever truly get on board with. because I (like many others) do not see things the way others do. I always chose to do things my way. Sometimes I paid for those decisions, but I always learned from them. For the most part, doing things my way has worked out in some of the most amazing ways possible and led me down some of the most unique and rewarding paths.

Everything is your choice. No one is holding you down against your will. Death is always over your shoulder and your time is now. Don’t settle for mediocracy. That is all you may leave behind. There is so much wasted potential in this world, don’t add to that waste.

I push this message so hard because I see so much possibility in others. I also see more potential in myself when I look in the mirror at times. And I want everyone around me to be the best versions of themselves, knowing they’ve held nothing back when it's all over.

I want every single person reading this to begin to see their potential when they look in the mirror. To begin to pursue those big dreams that make you burn inside every time you think of them. Bukowski said “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

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