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Positive changes of the mind, body and spirit are our goals for total human transformation.

Comparing our past selves to our current standing is how we measure this progress. Without this tangible evidence of change we would not be able to stay the course.

Many people love to teach “forget the past, that's not who you are anymore”.

And while we recognize the benefit of not dwelling on past mistakes, we at Relentless Pursuit believe that we absolutely need to remember where we came from and where we started.

It is very easy to get caught up in trying to track daily progress, especially for those of us who know that every single day counts. For those of you with grand goals, big ambitions and high expectations of self.

When we know that without a doubt we will do better today than yesterday.

When we look at the things many of us are tirelessly chasing down, it's easy to see how we get hung up on the day to day and completely miss the years of success. These things take time.

Time and discipline.

Muscle gain, fat loss, endurance, strength. Even things like financial security, paying off debt and savings. These things are not always trackable on a day to day basis. We need to look at them with a broader view.

I want you to pick one of your goals that you've been working hard towards the longest. Accurately measure your current standings (muscle mass, body fat percentage, savings, investing) then I want you to look back at where you were when you very first started.

If you're anything like me you’ll almost immediately be shocked by how much progress you have made. All this time you thought you were not making any, but you were.

The day to day work may not always be glorious, but it is the backbone of transformation.

Understanding that work is truly the driving force behind progress. And ultimately, transformation. This is absolutely vital to your success.

Where do you see yourself in 1,5,10 years? What are your goals? What transformation will you accomplish?

Set yearly goals. Hammer the day to day work. There is no glory in the blood and sweat part of victory, but without it nothing changes.

Learn to put in the work even without the daily or even weekly jumps in progress. Continue to look back and plan ahead. Create your own transformation

Stay Relentless.

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