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We cannot serve two masters at once. Every moment of effort towards one thing is time taken away from another. This is why we must clearly define our goals each and every day. Prioritize them and violently execute them one after another.

 Race horses wear blinders during their races. These blinders eliminate the possibility of distraction and keep the focus on the mission at hand. This allows the horse to put everything it has into its present action and not allow outside events to harm the effort. Keeping focus where it needs to be, here and now.

 If we begin to apply this idea of “wearing blinders” when we begin a mission, we will be able to see the immediate benefits of a laser like focus and effort. We begin to eliminate the possibility of diminished effort towards our goals.

 It's not always easy to clearly define goals, and sometimes they are large goals that require a multitude of steps to reach. Each step required to get to the final goal can be seen as a mission we need to accomplish. Write these down, plan them out. Set your goals in a step by step fashion that allows you to clearly see the path you need to take.

 Once we clearly lay out our mission plan, it is time to throw the blinders on and get to work.

 Know where you are and where you need to be next. Not 10 years from now, but tomorrow. What is the next step? Chase that, relentlessly. When that is crossed off the list, attack the next. Keep this step by step action going, day after day and you will not believe how far you have gone in the course of a few years.

 Breaking things down into more manageable goals tends to yield better results. Progress is more easily tracked and the path remains clear. Our vision stands strong at the forefront of our mind.

 Relentless Pursuit isn't just a catchy brand name, or a cool sounding motto. It is a lifestyle that we live, day in and day out. It is our holy mission to pass this along and help others find their own vision of greatness and chase it down with everything they have.

 Our vision remains strong and unwavering. Does yours?

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