All the animals released within The Beast-Maker series are archetypical embodiments. We have been pairing Martial Arts and ways of life and movement with the creatures of nature since the beginning. Through this embodiment, we gain deeper understanding into being rather than just contemplation. It is a chance to step into a role other than yourself and share perspective, opening your views to the world as well as yourself. There is a lot to be said about deeper connection in todays day and age, it is something we lack. With ourselves, others, and especially nature. Our Home. If it is a mindset you can truly stand beside, we recommend you take the embodiment of these animals, their actions, habits, and ways of life just as seriously as your commitment to the program, and you will discover a new world of understanding and perspective most people have never tapped into.
Above all, follow your commitments and pursuits Relentlessly!


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