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  • You see it everywhere, "the world is ending", "WW3 is coming", "shit is about to hit the fan".

  • Society regurgitation the same doomsday prophecies endlessly. This is hard to avoid and at every corner things look dark and grim.

  • There is something to be said about the term, "ignorance is bliss". How beautiful life would be to not have any knowledge of what is going on in the world around us. Nevertheless, ignoring it all would be foolish.

  • That being said, we can work to minimize our exposure while maintaining awareness and stay as prepared as possible for whatever the future may hold.

  • At the end of the day, most of the issues that we find ourselves overshadowed by are out of our control. I can't stop WW3, the drug trade, fast food and people from hating one another.

  • What I can do MY actions, choices, reactions and so on. I can control my scope and choose what it is I focus on.

  • The more attention we give to things of which we have no control, the more power they hold over us. Therefore, as a collective we manifest them into fruition.

  • Instead, we can strive to bring light to the world and take steps towards making these things we worry about improve.

  • What I choose to do is stay aware just enough to be prepared as possible. I choose to focus on being the best husband/father possible. I choose to pour massive effort into growing the business that I love. I choose to work towards a future that just the thought of brings me joy, absent of the world burning down. I choose to focus on my presence and I choose to find love/gratitude for the beauty within my life.

  • How you perceive things is your reality and how your perceive that reality is your choice.

  • Stay Relentless towards the pursuits of which you can control. This is the way.

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